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I am a proud Tijonel!

Good News: A Dad's Dream Came True!

Keeping Our Communities Safe And Children Learning

An Incredible 2019. Thanks To You.

10 Years & 10 People That I Am #GivingThanks To

A Better World

A Team Effort

Summer '19 Intern Q& A

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Bienvenidos a Panama!

An Extraordinary Adventure

EY Announces Kate Curran of School the World Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award Finalist in New England!

My Corporate Service Trip; Transforming Lives Beyond the Office.

The Power of Kindness

The Value of Returning by Kelsey Rondini

A True Learning Experience

The Trip That Changed My Life!

A Short Trip with Long-Lasting Memories by Cynthia Chang

Kicking Off Our First Service Trip Of 2018 With Some Inspiring Reflections From Our Returning World Changers

From family, to service, to the future

Students in NJ are helping change lives!

Special Visitor from Guatemala

Mothers mean the WORLD to us!

Getting up Before Dawn and Lugging Buckets of Cement --- A Great Way to Spend School Break!

The Language of Service

A True Holiday Gift

See all that #ReadShareGive can do!

Oh the memories!

Let's start to #ReadShareGive

Read. Share. Give. The joy of a favorite book!

A card for every occasion, accompanied by a donation

A Night of Thanks!

SSL photo contest...here are your finalists!

Help Us Celebrate National Literacy Day!

A New Perception...by Amanda Fontana


Three Trips Later - Meg Gilman

World Changers

Returning STW Students Chat with New Travelers

Alexa Tierney

Ximbaxuc ll here we come!

Wendy - Smiling Bright

Scholarship Fund: Up and Running

World Changer Diaries: Sarah Leatherwood

World Changer Diaries: Jack Berson

World Changer Diary: Olivia Curran

World Changer Diary: Allie Lerner

World Changer Diaries: Olivia Berson

Teacher Appreciation Week: The Stars of School the World

World Changer Diaries: Kiley Forrest

World Changer Diaries: Remi Smith

World Changer Diaries: Emma Taylor

World Changer Diaries: Isabelle Smith

World Changer Diaries: Haley Clemson

World Changer Diaries: Maggie Keary

World Changer Diaries: Annabel Springer

World Changer Diaries, Alex Donahue

World Changer Diaries- Morgan Trevett

World Changer Diaries: Hannah Lacey

World Changer Diaries: Matt Chiapinnelli

World Changer Diaries- Ally Stackhouse

World Changer Diaries- Olivia Picarillo, Winchester MA

World Changer Diaries- Megan Reid, Winchester MA

Celebrate Women- Basketball in El Durazno

Student Ambassadors- Reporting from Boston

Student Ambassadors- Reporting from Quiche

Student Ambassadors- Reporting from Newark

Volunteer Awarded by King of Saudia Arabia

Conquering Despair

Señora Maritza says...

5 years ago today...

Tales from the Field: ¡Adios, Guatemala!

Tales from the Field: Next to Nothing

Tales from the Field: Child's Play

Tales from the Field: Thirsty for Change

Tales from the Field: Seeds of Hope

Tales from the Field: The Power of Words

Tales from the Field: Across Languages and Lifestyles

Tales from the Field: A Beautiful Devotion

Tales From the Field: I'll Have Peanuts!

Tales From the Field: Sympathy, Respect, and Understanding

Tales From the Field: "Buenos Dias!"

Introducing... Emily Waltman: Digital Field Intern!

Celia and Magdalena bring "grit" to STW

Happy 4th of July from Angel in Xesic, Guatemala

Isabel's Lemonade Stand

Today's World Changer: Oliver George

Today's World Changer: Katie Skinner

Shop with Amazon Smile!

Today's World Changer: Megan Reid...again!

Today's World Changer Diaries: Maddie Bohne

Today's World Changer: Anisa Hasan-Granier

Today's World Changer: Isabelle Smith

Today's World Changer: Laura Shafer

Today's World Changer: Ella Harvey

Today's World Changer: Morgan Trevett

Today's World Changer: Jamie Rush

Today's World Changer: Remi Smith

Today's World Change: Maddie Peloso

Today's World Changer: Gillian Ellis

Today's World Changer: Kathryn-Rose Schaffer

Today's World Changer: Maggie Sullivan

Today's World Changer: Sara Dunleavy

Today's World Changer: Meghan Hill

Today's World Changer: Diamante McKay

Today's World Changer: Ashley Yu

Today's World Changer: Haley Clemson

Today's World Changer: Maggie Keary

Today's World Changer: Annie Kelly

Today's World Changer: George Clifford

Today's World Changer: Abigail Mumme-Monheit

Today's World Changer: Danielle Tse

Today's World Changer: Hannah Lacey

Today's World Changer: Ali Stackhouse

Today's World Changer: Carolyn Pine

Today's World Changer: Erika Peterson

Today's World Changer: Claudia Bacon

Today's World Changer: Megan Reid

Today's World Changers: Annie Kelly and Claudia Bacon

Today's World Changer: Abby Long

Today's World Changer: Kiara Wahnschafft

Hello from STW's newest intern!

Take a Peek at Annie Kelly's Thank You!

3D Books!

Sweet Music

Expanding into Honduras

School the World Stories

Hear from our World Changers about their service experience and read about the latest announcements at School the World!

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