Mothers mean the WORLD to us!

Posted by stw2015 on May 14, 2017 4:00:59 AM

I have been thinking a lot about my Mom this week. She would have graduated from college 70 years ago this month – in 1947! She was way ahead of her time in seeing the importance of education for girls and women!

I asked some of our parent trainers to tell me about the Moms in our schools, but they wanted to tell me about their Moms too.

Heydie’s Mom did not get a chance to go to school at all in Honduras. She left for the United States when Heydie was a young girl so she could work and send money home for Heydie’s education. Today, Heydie is an engineer.

Kener’s Mom did not get a chance to go to school in Guatemala either. She worked day and night so her 7 kids could go to school. She even pretended she had eaten many mornings so Kener and his siblings would not go to school hungry. Today, Kener works for School the World as he completes his university degree in education.

Santana tells me there was no obstacle her mother would not overcome to support her children’s education. Her mother did not get to go to school either, but she made sure Santana and her brothers understood that the real pain is not being able to study. Santana is just a few credits shy of earning her university degree in education. Her brothers are already professionals.

Magdalena and Celia are sisters. Their Mom had the courage to stand up to their Dad and her mother, their grandmother, to permit Magdalena to continue her education past 6th grade. Celia and indeed all of Magdalena’s siblings and many cousins followed in her footsteps. Today Magdalena is in graduate school and Celia is completing an undergraduate degree in education.

Of course, all five wanted to share stories of the Moms they work with too. Everywhere we look we see mothers sacrificing to get their children an education and opportunity for a better future.

When you support School the World, you support these mothers. Thank you!

Kate Curran, Founder & CEO

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