Ximbaxuc ll here we come!

Posted by stw2015 on Jul 17, 2016 8:44:56 AM
We have a nickname for the students who join us on a service learning trip. We call them World Changers. We call them World Changers because of their passion, global responsibility, and because of their new found ability to drive change. These students pledge to collectively raise the funds to build a school for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. They give up their spring break and travel abroad to complete the school. They paint walls, mix cement, install plaques and more.

IMG_1512 Student Service July Trip


This week 21 students headed to Santa Cruz del Quiche to help build a pre-school classroom and playground at Ximbaxuc ll. They have been painting murals, digging ditches, mixing cement, along with getting to know the beautiful people of the community. Stay tuned for our first blog from one of our students later today!

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