World Changer Diaries- Olivia Picarillo, Winchester MA

Posted by stw2015 on Mar 17, 2015 5:06:08 PM

We have a nickname for the students who join us on a service learning trip. We call them World Changers.

We call them World Changers because of their passion, global responsibility, and because of their newfound ability to drive change.

These students pledge to collectively raise the funds to build a school for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. They give up their spring break and travel abroad to complete the school. They paint walls, mix cement, install plaques and more. Hear directly from them here, on our blog, every week through our Service Learning Travel Season.


"Being a part of the community of Trinidad for one week showed me how welcoming and lively the people living there were. (The kids especially seemed to be very excited that we were there!) One thing that really stood out to me about them was how many of them wanted to hold your hand. If I was walking or just standing around, a kid would almost always come up and just put their hand into mine. It was so sweet how close it seemed they felt to me, even though we could not talk most of the time because of my lack of Spanish. All of the kids always seemed so excited about what we were doing with them, even if it was as simple as throwing a frisbee. Almost all of the time, multiple kids would stand close enough to me until I tried to talk to them or invited them to play the game. Whenever I asked a child if they liked their new school, they would always respond “yes!”.  The dancing, playing, and just spending time with the kids showed me how thankful they were for the new school we were giving them."





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