World Changer Diaries- Megan Reid, Winchester MA

Posted by stw2015 on Mar 12, 2015 12:15:05 PM

We have a nickname for the students who join us on a service learning trip. We call them World Changers.

We call them World Changers because of their passion, global responsibility, and because of their newfound ability to drive change.

These students pledge to collectively raise the funds to build a school for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. They give up their spring break and travel abroad to complete the school. They paint walls, mix cement, install plaques and more. Hear directly from them here, on our blog, every week through our Service Learning Travel Season.


DSC_0181Tuesday 2/17/15- My high of the day was putting in the plaque. Every time I read it, it makes me feel so good. The words “in honor of all who want to learn” combined with my name and my friends’ names is the coolest thing ever. The school that we worked so hard to give is finally up and we’re really in Guatemala to see it. It’s just the most awesome feeling ever.


Wednesday 2/18/15- This morning I taught in a classroom with Annabel. I love being in the classroom with the kids. The best part was when we told them to draw an animal so we could teach them how to say it in English. Once they caught on that we would tell them how to say English words, they started drawing all kinds of things so they could learn the word. We taught them numbers 1-15 in English and they were so excited about it I bet they could’ve sat there all day.


Thursday 2/19/15- Today we got to go back to the communities that we donated a school to last year. The kids from Colonial San Juan remembered us and I remembered most of them. It was so much fun being back and playing with the kids, but the best part was seeing how ‘broken in’ the school was. It makes me so happy that it’s helping them, and we didn’t get to see that last year when we left. Saying goodbye was the worst because I know it would most likely be forever. All the kids crowded around the vans and waved to us as we drove away. They are so sweet and loving, I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.


Friday 2/20/15- The last day before the Dedication Ceremony. I can’t believe it. In the afternoon we finished all the painting on the school and put our handprints and initials on the side wall. It looks awesome and our handprints will be there forever, a mark that each of us got to make on the school. I’m so excited that we finished.


Saturday 2/21/15- Dedication day finally! The school looked so awesome and it was so much fun dancing with the kids. I love how they hold your hands, and if you try to take it away they just reach out for it again. The mayor told the story of how hard the community had worked to make a safe spot for the construction of the new school and it just proved how badly they wanted this. As sad as I am to leave, I’m happy that they now have the school. Saying goodbye was so hard; I’m not sure how well they understood that we weren’t coming back tomorrow. That’s what made me sad, but I believe I’ll be back, and I’m so happy about what we did for them.


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