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Posted by stw2015 on Mar 6, 2015 12:32:04 PM

DSC_0042We woke on our last day in Guatemala not wanting to believe it was true; we had to leave. We had accomplished what we came to do, we finished building a school for the community of Trinidad.


Even though we were only there for a week to finish building and open the school, we spent four months before the trip raising money to fund the construction. As much as our time in Guatemala made a difference, the fundraising was what made it possible for a school to be built at all. Our car washes, raffles, and door-to-door weekends had paid off, literally! School the World has taught us every little bit of money counts and no amount is too little (or too big!).


It is hard to return home and not boast about our amazing experience, and not want to jump on a plane back to Guatemala with School the World’s July trip...


But don’t worry, it’s back! STW’s World Changer Diaries Series begins right now. Check this blog for multiple posts per week from students just like us, just returned from Guatemala with a lot to say.


Each post will be specific to that student’s trip; student’s are submitting journal entries, striking pictures, personal videos, reflections and more to tell you how this trip has affected their perspectives. Stay tuned for a video from Maggie, a blog post from Annabel, photos from Chris, and so much more from students up and down the east coast during this School the World Service Learning Season!




Here at School the World, we have a nickname for the students who join us on a service trip. We call them World Changers.

We call them World Changers because of their passion and global responsibility, and because of their newfound ability to drive change.

These students pledge to collectively raise the funds to build a school for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. They give up their spring break and travel abroad to complete the school. They paint walls, mix cement, install plaques and more. Hear directly from them here, on our blog, every week through our Service Learning Travel Season.

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