Today's World Changer: Oliver George

Posted by stw2015 on Jun 3, 2014 2:19:04 PM

Oliver George is the sophomore class President at Winchester Public High School in Winchester, MA. Ollie traveled with School the World in April.


I attended the April trip to Guatemala with the School the World organization. It was one of the most meaningful adventures I have ever experienced. This experience made me truly appreciate how lucky I am to be living in Winchester. I always took education for granted as everyone has the opportunity to attend high school.  I value education so much more after seeing Guatemalan kids, some were not even 10 years old, working in fields rather than at school. Although the families in Guatemala did not have much, they were proud of their homes and happy with what they did have. This made me more appreciative of all the things I take for granted.

Ollie and classmate Francesa with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. Ollie and classmate Francesa in mid-level classroom.

Another aspect of the trip that meant a lot to me was the interaction with the Guatemalan members of the community we worked with. I expected them to greet us with apprehension. However, I really bonded with the kids who constantly wanted to play and learn despite the language barrier between us. We became very close and it was hard to leave them. This was a really meaningful and great experience.


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