Today's World Changer: Megan Reid

Posted by stw2015 on Apr 4, 2014 2:51:54 PM

UntitledThe most amazing part was how full of love the kids were. These three little girls danced with me on the day we opened and dedicated the fully completed school and every time I would let go of one of their hands, she would look at me and reach out for it again. It didn’t hit me until then that they really loved us, and we loved them. And that while we were happy to be there, they were even happier. We weren’t just some people who came for a week and then they would forget about. I know they will remember us, and it feels really good to have been able to spend a little bit of my life doing something to make theirs better.



Megan Reid attends Winchester High School. She participated in her first School the World trip during her spring break this February.







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